Why Greentikki does not provide free return unlike other online shopping portals

One of the very common questions we receive from our customers is “Why do charge for shipping during returns when a lot of other online shops don’t?”. Well, We would like to give you a detailed analysis of “The Greentikki Return Policy”!

Now before we get into the returns policy, there is something you need to know about our pricing policy. We, at greentikki always want the best for your kids. And we want to provide it at the right price too.

To do so, unlike other online baby shopping websites, we don’t add the 2-ways return charges as hidden charges in our products. The 2- ways shipping charge is the cost of shipping which may or may not occur, during the cases of product returns.

We do so, because, we are a hundred percent confident about the quality of our products. And that means, not all of you will be opting for returns, right! So why should all of you bear the charges?

Now, many of you may feel that “the quality of the products is not the only reason to return any product”. So, let us start with the various scenarios where you will have to return a product.

The 4 reasons to return a product

  1. You received a different product than the one you had ordered.
  2. The product you received is in a damaged condition.
  3. You had a change of mind regarding the color or the type of the product.
  4. You need a different size than the one you have received.

The Greentikki return policy

For the first 2 scenarios, where you would have received a wrong item, than the one you had ordered. It may be colour, or size or even pattern. We will surely cover all the costs of shipping for your return. Also, we will arrange for shipping out the right one immediately. Or we will provide you full refund, if you opt to.

The 3rd and 4th scenarios are where you have a change of heart about the type or the color or the size of the product. In both cases, you will have to send us back the product, bearing the courier charges yourself.

You can avoid this too. One of our biggest strengths is our excellent customer care services. Our staffs are available at all times. You can call us anytime, not just call us, you can even video call us, to confirm the color, and the size of the products that you choose, before you place the order.

So, to sum it up, the main and the only reason, why we don’t provide free shipping on returns, is to ensure all of you, our amazing customers are not burdened with the additional charges, that we may or may not incur in cases of a few returns.

With the thought that every child deserves the best, we, at greentikki, aim to be the One-stop shop for all your kid’s needs! Don’t forget to check out our wide range of Kid’s dresses and accessories @ https://greentikki.com/. Happy Shopping 🙂

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