3 moral short stories for kids, which you haven’t heard before!

Reciting poems and telling stories to our kids is definitely a unique experience. I remember the way I would go Aww… when my mom finishes up one of such cute short stories. And I relieve that moment everyday with my son. He loves listening to stories, even if it is the same story every night. Of course I would get bored. So, I try to maintain a variety. Here are some of those short stories for kids, I heard from my mom and my grandma, that I’m sure you and your child would enjoy!

Who is responsible for the sun to rise?

sun rise short stories for kids

Early in the morning, when the rooster goes “Cock-a-doodle-doo” and the Crow goes “Kaah-kaah”, we see the sun rising from the east. The rooster thought, that it was him, who woke up the sun and the crow thought that it was the Kaah-kaah! One very fine day, they got into a fight! So, both of them decided to keep quiet and see, who really woke up the Sun!

Since, that day was cloudy, the sun was hidden. And both the rooster and the crow kept quiet. Which led to the whole village to wake up late. All the people were running around to get their jobs done.

With pride in their eyes, the crow looked at the rooster and vice-versa. Suddenly, the crow felt an itch in her throat and she kaah-wed.  At the same time, the clouds disappeared leading to the sun to shine.

This made the rooster angry and they fought again. To solve this, they approached the very old and wise tree. The tree smiled and said “it was neither of you, who is responsible for the sun to rise. But, you both are responsible for the village to rise on time”

Moral: Do your job with your full heart and don’t let pride get in between.

Your life is in your hands!

life in hand short story

Long ago, in a faraway land, lived a very wise saint. The saint will go around the village doing good to the people. Whatever he would say, will come true. In the same village, lived two little boys, who were very naughty. And they devised a cunning plan to prove the saint is a liar.

So, they caught a butterfly and held it inside their hands. They went up to the saint and asked “what are we holding?” and the wise saint replied – “A butterfly.

Their next question was “Is it alive or dead?”. If he replies alive, they thought about killing the butterfly before revealing. And if he replies dead, then, they would have left the butterfly alive. Either way, the saint would be proven wrong. But, the very wise Saint said “For the butterfly to live or to die, is in your hands”. And the little boys were stunned by his wise reply.

Moral: They way your life goes is in the decisions you make- Your life is in your hands!

2 cats and the monkey!

cat and monkey short stories for kids

Two cats were extremely close friends. They would always play together, eat together and sleep together. One day, one of the cats found a yummy plate of pancake. And it brought it to the other. Since there were 3 pancakes, they did not know how to share equally between the two.

So, they started fighting with each other. On seeing this, a monkey entered the room and stopped the fight. The monkey himself wanted to eat the pancake, as it looked tasty. The monkey, then took a weighing scale and placed some pancake on either side.

When the scale leaned to the right, the monkey ate some from the left. And then the scale leaned towards the left and the monkey ate some from the right.

This way, the monkey ate all of the pancakes. And nothing was eft for the cats.

Moral: Unity is strength. Because the cats fought with each other, they lost the pancakes to the monkey!

These short stories for kids is what puts my son to sleep. And I hope you and your kids will enjoy them too. Don’t forget to check out – Our Diwali stories too!  

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