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Re usable Cloth Diapers. Fits for babies of 5 kg to 15 kg with adjustable straps. Machine and hand washable

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Product Description:

Wrapper is a unique product by Tushions which is meant for older kids who have been potty trained but may have some pee accidents at night.

These wrappers are leak-proof which means that the pee will not leak into your bed and you bed, mattress and even blanket will stay dry.

Also, you don’t need to put the diaper on your grown-up baby, also handy in case you are going for a night-stay with your kid to a relative or friend’s place.Please note: The baby will feel wet as this is not a diaper.


PUL, 100% polyester with polyurethane laminated

Size Measurements :

The wrapper  2-5 years

Care Instructions:

It protects against damage. it is reusable  washable  and Suitable for hand wash or machine wash



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