Sprouted Ragi Health Mix/ Porridge 250g

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250g pack

Suitable for babies 1 year+

Make sure the ingredients are not allergic to your baby before use

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Plain Sprouted Ragi Powder(6+ Months)*
Raagi, the little pearl.. sprouting adds a big crown to it 😊

Worried about low haemoglobin or anemia???
feeling like vomiting on seeing those dark colored iron pills??
longing for losing weight??
Looking for best nutrient for your baby and whole family??
Here comes the natural supplement to your body ..Ragi.. That too sprouted raagi..

Ragi is considered a ‘superfood’ as it has approx. 10 times higher calcium content than other grains. Turning regular ragi grains into “sprouted ragi” can have some pretty intriguing nutritional benefits. Once, you soak the ragi grains and they hang out in water, they germinate, causing their outer layers to split open, allowing a dormant seed to become a live plant. When this happens, anti-nutrients break away, and the newly emerging sprout consumes some of the grain’s starches, thereby altering the food’s nutritional content.

This process of changing ragi grains to tiny little plants is quick & easy, but the nutritional benefits are huge.

🔹Ragi, also called Finger Millet, is a natural relaxant and relieves stress.

🔹It’s available in the purest form and consumed directly without polishing it like other grains, so the goodness remains intact.

🔹Ragi is rich in iron and hence it aids in raising your blood formation if you have low levels of haemoglobin or anaemia.

🔹This is one of the many benefits of eating ragi daily.

🔹In order to combat anaemia, you must consume sprouted ragi, which includes vitamin C that helps in iron absorption in your body.

🔹Thus, instead of taking loads of iron pills, make sure to incorporate sprouted ragi into your diet on a daily basis.

🔹The benefits of raagi is innumerable.. Keeps Diabetes In Check, It has natural Anti-ageing Property, High In Protein..

🔹Most importantly, The Tryptophan amino acid in ragi aids in controlling your appetite, thus helping you in weight loss…

Try our sprouted raagi powder made with more love at home.

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