Rice Fried Gram Porridge Mix(6 Month+)


250g pack

Suitable for babies 6 months+

Make sure the ingredients are not allergic to your baby before use

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*Rice FriedGram Porridge Mix(6 Month+)*
? Instant porridge mix with the Goodness of Rice, Fried Gram, Cumin and Hing..

?Best solid food to start with after introducing rice separately to your kid..

?Ideal food loaded with Carbohydrates and Proteins and less likely to cause allergies..

?Best to carry with you while travelling as it can be used to make instant porridge..

?Pure HomeMade with handpicked Organic Ingredients..

?Hygenically prepared in a Mom’s kitchen certified by FSSAI..

?No added Salt and sugar..

?100% Natural and completely free from preservatives, chemicals and artificial flavours..

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