Matpro Baby Dry Sheet (Baby Pink)


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Product Description of dry sheet for babies:

Have you been searching for some good quality dry sheet for babies? Lucky for you, Greentikki now has tons of dry sheet collections for babies and littles ones.

Let’s see the list of features and description about this product, shall we?

This product is from the brand Smart Mat Pro and it is completely plastic and irritation free. This good quality dry sheet for babies is reusable and completely safe for even sensitive babies. You can use this product to toilet kids like toddlers and infants. It is waterproof and can hold the pee for a long time without giving any kind of wet feeling at all.

Features of this product:

  • Extremely soft and comfortable and contains no harmful or chemical substances
  • Absorbs the pee quickly and gives a dry feeling a long time
  •  It is waterproof and completely free from any accidental leaks and spills
  • You can wash it and reuse it over and over again without causing any damage
  • Completely hygienic and causes no rashes or irritation on the baby’s skin
  • Can be used to toilet train the toddlers and infants

Instructions on how to use this product:

You should before start using this product for many reasons. Another thing to remember: Always make sure you place the fabric surface perfectly on your baby. Because the fabric surface absorbs the pee and accidental spills. You should not dry it in direct sunlight or too much heat. Dry in minimum shade and place the product in a dry or cool area.


SMALL (50cm X 70cm)
MEDIUM (70cm X 100cm)
LARGE (100cm X 140cm)
EXTRA LARGE (140cm X 220cm)


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