Instant Rice Dal Khichdi Mix(6 Months+)


250g pack

Suitable for babies 6 months+

Make sure the ingredients are not allergic to your baby before use

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Instant Rice Dal Khichdi Mix(6 Months+)*?
Instant Rice Dal Khichdi mix is highly recommended as first food due to its low allergenic properties and easily digestible nature because of its special preparation procedure and the ingredients combination.Another reason considered for starting with Instant Khichdi is, it’s fortified with iron.Cereal combo in the form of Instant Khichdi Mix can be listed as the first food of choice for weaning the babies above 6 months of age and above.

?Travel friendly and very easy to prepare.

?Fresh HomeMade and free from chemicals/ preservatives.

?No added sugar/salt.

Rice, Moong Dal, Pepper, Cumin & Hing

*Health Benefits of Rice*
?Ability to provide fast and instant energy.

?To regulate and improve bowel movements.

?Essential source of vitamin B1.

?Increase the metabolism, and initiates digestion.

?Improve the immune system also is Gluten-free.

?Packed with proteins.

?Super food with high fiber content.

?Helps in digestion and avoids the gassy nature.

?Pepper with Moong Dal and Rice adds taste to the Instant Khichdi Mix.

?Take 2 tbsps of this mix and add hot boiling water.

?Stir continuously while mixing to avoid lumps.

?Close it with a lid and leave it aside for 10 minutes.

?Add salt and ghee as needed and feed once it’s warm.


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