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*Introducing Instant Millet Dosa Mix with the Goodness of Sprouted Ragi & Kambu*? Millet Flour Dosa is an instant and quick fix for morning breakfast loaded with the Goodness of millets and Ancient Black rice. Millets have various benefits on health, including Weight Loss.Millets are high in proteins and gluten free grains. Most types of Millets are  rich in fiber, which makes your stomach feel full longer.

It is a rich source of Vitamin E, B complex, niacin, thiamin and riboflavin. In addition, millet also contains essential amino acids like methionine and lecithin and minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Millets are rich in antioxidants. It reduces stress in the body. Thus, maintaining the cell structure and elasticity. High antioxidant value means a perfect glowing skin.

Sprouted Ragi, Sprouted Kambu, Jowar, Barnyard Millet, Foxtail Millet, Porso Millet, Small Millet, Kodo Millet, Black Rice, Black Urad and Fenugreek.

?Millet Flour – 3/4 cup

?Big Onion – 1 small sized finely chopped

?Curry Leaves – 1 tbsp finely chopped

?Green Chilli – 1 small chopped finely

?Curd – 2tbsp

?Water – 3/4 to 1 cup(adjust)

?Oil – as required to toast

?Salt – to taste

?In a mixing bowl – add millet flour,onion,curry leaves, chilli, curd and required salt.

?Mix it well.Then add water little by little.

?Mix it well using a whisk without any lumps.It should be runny so that while we pour the batter should spread by itself.

?Heat a dosa tawa, take a laddle full of batter and pour it first in the outer circle, then pour to fill in the center to fill the uncovered areas like how we do for rava dosa.

?Cook in medium flame.The dosa should be thin so don’t pour over then we will get thick dosas.

?Drizzle oil and cook until the top looks cooked.Flip over and cook for another minute.Fold and serve hot.

?Your crispy & tasty Millet Dosa is ready! Serve with idli podi / sambar/ any chutney of your choice?

?The batter should be very runny.

?The water measure I’ve given is not accurate, I’ve given it just to give an idea.

?Also you should not spread the batter, the laddle should not touch the dosa tawa itself.

?Hold the laddle about 10 cm height above the dosa tawa and start pouring.

?Always use a deep curved laddle while pouring as it holds more and will cover the circle fully in one go.

?Then again you can take the batter another time to fill in the center areas.It is very important that the dosa tawa should be really hot.

? When you pour you should see the batter spreading by itself with tiny holes in it that’s the right contistency of the batter and it shows the dosa tawa is perfect for making dosas.

?You can even pour few drops of water to check if the dosa pan is hot.If you hear a bold shh sound then the dosa tawa is ready.

?After you make 2-3 dosas check the batter, if it becomes thick adjust by adding little water.

?Dosa can be made instantly with this batter but it’s better if you could give a rest time of 2 hours for the batter.

?More the fermentation time, more the tasty dosas. You can prepare the batter overnight and refrigerate and use it in the morning for best results.

?You can also add 2 or 3 tbsp of this powder to regular dosa batter to increase the nutritional value.

This instant millet dosa mix, for sure is a healthy and quick fix for our breakfast and is handy when you don’t have idli dosa batter in hand.Just give a try and you are gonna love it for Sure!


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