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Noodles has become a “Not-to-eat” food nowadays because of the ingredients present in it.

But, unluckily it is the most easiest and favorite food for many of us.


?️It tastes awesome and is addictive sometimes
?️ Easy to prepare – no hard work required
?️ Easily available

There are few cons when ever you have some advantages right.

We fail to look at certain things when we are carried away by the taste!!

We don’t look at the additives, preservatives and taste makers of the noodles that we consume.

We fail to look at the ingredient list when we prepare it!

We only want to quickly prepare and enjoy it!

It’s high time, you start concentrating on what you eat!!

Eat noodles, but try to always know what you eat!

We, at farm to home have total transparency of the noodles and taste makers we prepare!!

HORSEGRAM noodles is a healthy breakfast or snack option from kids to adults.

It aids in weight loss and strengthening the metabolism.

It is free from preservatives unlike the noodles you get in the market!!

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