Diwas Diaper Cover with Two Inserts – Alchemist

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Re usable Cloth Diapers. Fits for babies of 5 kg to 15 kg with adjustable straps. Machine and hand washable

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This is Diwas  Cloth Diaper for babies which comes with the diaper  cover and two day time inserts. 

Product Material:

Polyster/organic cotton


Diwas is a Day Time Diapering Solution from Tushions and two Highly Absorbent Day Time Inserts. This cloth diaper can be washed without any deformation and gives an ideal protection for your baby & protects the bed & linens from leakage.  Elasticized back tuck prevents your Pre fold or insert or sleeve from bunching. · Front tuck flap keeps Pre fold or insert in place and provides extra coverage against  Wicking. Comes with 3*2 rise snap settings to grow with your baby from birth to one year. · Soft and stretchy elastics around the legs and on the back for effortless movements and preventing leaks.This Cloth diaper material  is used in  Polyurethane Laminated .

Single gussets to give that comfortable fit

Snaps to attach the insert so that it stays in place.

Day Time Insert is a specially crafted insert to provide you maximum absorbency after just one wash. This insert is a blend of cotton and modal fabric. Model is 1.5 times more absorbent than cotton. The insert is topped with a staydry layer of fleece to provide your baby a dry feel.

Diaper Covers:

Diaper covers are usually made from a waterproof fabric called PUL (the PolyUrethane Laminate comprised of a fabric layer and a waterproof layer that are bonded together to create a waterproof fabric) Covers provide the leak protection for your cloth diaper


Knock the solids, rinse with cold water, store in a dry pail and wash with softener and additive free baby cloth friendly detergent. · Wash temperature: Under 30 °C (less than 86°F)

Check the video below to know more about the product and how to put these diapers to babies.





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