Diaper Bag For Baby – Small (Variation-1,2,3,4,5)

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Re usable Cloth Diapers. Fits for babies of 5 kg to 15 kg with adjustable straps. Machine and hand washable

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Product Description:

This Dual PUL diaper bag is the perfect product to carry dirty/wet diapers / clothes / cosmetics during travel. This diaper Bag is leak-proof and even contains the smell inside us, making it a great way to carry dirty diapers when you are outside. 

This diaper bag is made of high test quality and waterproof fabric. The diaper pouch keeps all your items organized and easy to find. It will fit nicely in your diaper bag.keeping your cleaning wipes,diaper. It can also be used as a minimalist diaper bag  grab a few diapers and a pack a wet wipes and hurry for a trip. Leave that bulky diaper bag at home and carry in your little diaper bag.

This handmade diaper & wipe holder is easy way to ditch the diaper bag and just take what you need a few diaper and some wipes . Fits 2-3  Diapers and travel pack of wipes.

Since a purse usually has 1 to 2 pockets inside. you reserve those for the items like keys,phone.Then you keep the diapering items together  in their own small bag in the main purse pocket.That makes is so easy to find and pull out when doing a diaper change. Using a purse is very similar to packing a diaper  bag only there are less pockets. To solve  this you keep diapering items in a wet bag and personal items go in the purse pockets and a nursing covers are into the main purse.


PUL, Organic cotton, Model

Size Measurments:

The Bag measures:8 inch x 12 inch

Care Instructions:

It protects against damage. it is reusable  washable  and Suitable for hand wash or machine wash

The outside is fabric the middle layer polyester for a softer feel.

Storage Capacity : 3 AIOs/ 4 Pocket Diapers.


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