Carrot Multi Millet Noodles


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Introducing Carrot Multi Millet Noodles from the House of Farm 2 Home which is loaded with the goodness of Carrots and five different millets – Varagu (Kodo Millet), Samai (Little Millet), Kuthiravally (Barnyard Millet), Thinai(Foxtail Millet) and Kambu (Pearl Millet).

This Carrot Multi Millet Noodles offers a healthy meal in a bowl. Carrot Multi Millet Noodles are rich  in carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. Easy to digest and ideal for 1+ years kids.

If you are a parent worried about the veggies intake of your kids, it’s time to try our Carrot Millet Noodles which has a good amount of carrot extract in it and together, this combination of carrots & millets contains a good amount of Vitamin A, protein, calcium, dietary fiber, micronutrients and several essential minerals. This ensures that you and your family have strong immunity and healthy guilt free diet as well!!❤️


Carrot Extract, Whole wheat flour, Multi Millet flour (Thinai,Kambu, Samai, Varagu,  Kuthiravaly), Coldpressed Groundnut Oil, Himalayan Rock Salt, Water.

Natural Taste Maker
Chili powder,Coriander powder, Cumin, Turmeric powder, Pepper, Dry Ginger, Rock Salt and Spices.


✅Boil a pack of noodles in 1 liter of water for 5 minutes. Drain, sprinkle some ghee/oil and set it aside in a wide bowl so that it doesn’t stick together.

✅Fry onions, capsicum, carrots, cabbage, green peas and other desired vegetables of your choice in a little amount of oil.

✅Add the natural spices masala to it and mix thoroughly.

✅Add the sauteed vegetables to the boiled noodles, mix well and serve hot.


✅Made using whole wheat, Carrots and five types of millets.

✅Comes with a taste maker made of natural spices.

✅Provides the combined health benefits of Carrots, foxtail millet, little millet, pearl millet, kodo millet and barnyard millet.

✅Free from ajinomoto, MSG, flour enhancers, Taste enhancers, stabilising agents, preservatives and artificial flavours.

Now get the power of Carrots & five millets in a single, yummy bowl of noodles.



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