18 Ingredient Sprouted Health Mix Powder/Home Made Cerelac


250g pack

Suitable for babies 8 months+

Make sure the ingredients are not allergic to your baby before use

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Suitable for 8 months plus
Sathu maavu/ energy mix / homemade cerelac for babies is one of the rich foods which gives wholesome energy and strength. It is filling and can be consumed by everyone, even by our grandparents, but for babies strictly above ten months.

It is a porridge mix made using several kinds of cereal, grains, pulses and dry nuts. Most of the ingredients are soaked and sprouted to increase the nutritional value.

*Why go for sprouted home made health mix when packaged one is easily available?* ?
We always have the tendency to go by the easy way, but forget the fact that easy doesn’t always mean safe. When we go behind hundreds of varieties of packaged instant ready to cook or ready to eat foods from the market, we always purposefully forget the fact that it is not the safest choice for our health. It stands true for baby food too.

It is true that the cerelac baby food powders or the kinds we get in tins from the market are hassle free and easy to make. But do you know how much of preservatives go into these baby foods to increase the shelf life? Preservatives eventually aren’t good for a little baby’s developing intestine.

Then again flavored baby foods that can make even adults drool are another hit in the market. But a quick look at the ingredients will tell you that such baby foods have nothing but artificial flavors in it. So what you are feeding your teeny tiny sensitive baby is nothing but a load of chemicals and additives.

Again we can never be sure about the storage conditions. The process passes through many stages before reaching our kitchen counter. We never know if the packaged food got infested during manufacture, go down storage, transportation and what not.

So, always home made food will be virtually safe food to be consumed. Is there a second reason required to tell why one should choose homemade food over packaged food!? Moreover, entertaining homemade food will inculcate good eating habits.


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