First of all, congratulations to the new parents. Looking to buy newborn baby girl dress for your baby girl? you are at the right place. Greentikki offers a wide range of dresses for newborn baby girls, accessories, and baby care products!

Dressing up a little girl baby is always fun. You get to be more creative and a lot more options are available for girls, than boys. You have frocks, rompers, skirts, pants, tees, and not to forget, the ethnic wear collections.

Our newborn baby girl dress collection includes:

  • Onesies
  • Baby romper for girls
  • Trendy frocks
  • Dungaree sets for girls
  • Baby Combo gift set

The first thing that we all will look for while surfing for a newborn baby girl dress is, the quality of the dress and the comfort of your child. All the dresses in the newborn babies collection is made of high quality Cotton, that cares for the delicate skin of your babies. The material is durable, and easy to wash.

On the other hand, are you planning to meet new parents? Can’t figure out what to get for the little princess? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Our range of Baby combo gift sets includes newborn baby girl dresses, mittens, socks, and a wash cloth.

Do check out for accessories and cute little shoes.

And also don’t forget, dresses are not the only thing you will be stacking up. Buy your baby care products at

We, at Greentikki, take pride at being the “one-stop-shop” for all your baby needs!

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