To our dismay, a lot of the Instant health drink for kids, that are available in the market, off-late are concentrating on the taste rather than the health. It is loaded up with sugar and preservatives, which is not really advisable for toddlers or for kids.

And that is why we have come up with an alternative solution. A healthy drink for kids, made from naturally occurring ingredients like nuts and fruits. This Instant health drink is prepared and processed keeping in mind, your kid’s nutritional requirements.

Instant health drink for kids includes a variety of combinations of fruits, sprouts, millets, and nutty flavors. For example, Almond apple banana powder sprouted millets and chocolate combo, and so on. We have diabetic-friendly options too.

The richness of the nuts, the freshness of the fruits, and the goodness of the millets are all processed together. Giving you and your kid a healthy alternative, that is yummy too.

Our collaborator, a mommy entrepreneur, has taken it upon her, to provide your kid, with the best. She makes home fresh and hygienic baby food.

Your baby food products are prepared, only after you have placed your order, to ensure its freshness and richness. And it will be dispatched within 2-3 days once you have finalized the order.

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