Figuring out the perfect, yet different tiffin recipe, every day is hard. And to reduce your worry of making your kid eat healthily, we have included the  Home made Noodles. Home made noodles is a healthy and quick breakfast or a dinner fix.

Noodles is a go-to dinner recipe for most of us, especially for working moms. Since it was introduced during our time as kids, we grew up with it. So, we don’t mind including it in our regular meal plan.

But with the kind of news and happenings, we come across. Questions that are being asked, regarding the preparation and processing of these instant food products. We are now, not so sure about the noodles!

Due to our exposure, a lot of questions pop in our heads too. Is maida good for you? What other unnecessary chemicals are added to these instant food products? does it have preservatives? And a lot more…

That too, when it comes to our kid’s health, we will always go that extra mile.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, this home made noodles are not just healthy, but will make sure the suppers are event free. They are tasty, rich in nutrients and your kids will love them.

We have a variety of flavour you can choose from.

To make greentikki, your one-stop-shop for all your kid’s needs, we have collaborated with a mommy entrepreneur who makes home fresh and hygienic baby food. Your baby food products are prepared, only after you have placed your order, to ensure its freshness and richness. And it will be dispatched within 2-3 days once you place the order.

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