Pocket diapers has an outer waterproof shell and an inner stay dry layer. It hasĀ  a pocket opening to insert any choice of inserts for absorbing the baby pee. Baby skin will not directly touch the insert . Baby skin will touch the soft cotton layer. Outer layer keeps the baby skin dry. After using the whole set, cloth diaper along with the insert has to be washed

Brand : Green diaper

Green diaper is a popular Indian cloth diaper brand

Many cute and colorful prints available in the pocket diaper.

It is a one size diaper that fits for babies from 2 months to 4 years. Approximately it fits for babies of 3-15 kg

It has many button so can be adjusted according to baby size

Take a look at this video see what the Green diapers available and how the pocket diaper actually is

Click here for the video

Click here for the Video

To know how to use pocket diaper and put the cloth diaper to the baby, watch the video below

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