Are you confused to chose which cloth diapers inserts works best for you. Just go through the short description about each of the cloth diapers inserts below.

Cloth diapers inserts can be used along with pocket diapers, cover diapers. Some all in one diapers also have pockets to fit extra inserts to increase the absorbing capacity of the diaper

Depending of your babies urinating frequency and when you use the diapers the following inserts can be selected. If your baby is heavy wetter go for hemp insert (for day time) or Organic Cotton Stay dry Insert with Snap (for night time)

3-layer Microfiber Insert– This is a white, towel like fabric. Biggest advantage of this diaper is this can absorb very quickly. You have to make sure that it does not touch baby’s skin so it cannot be used with new born diaper. It lasts  for around 2-3 hours in a pocket diaper. Not suitable to use along with  newborn pocket diapers.

5-layer Charcoal Bamboo Insert

Charcoal bamboo insert  is Grey or  Block colored. It is made up of stay dry fabric, if touch you can feel the dryness. You  can  also be use it with cover diapers. Works for 3-4 hours. Can be used in pocket diapers or diaper covers. Not suitable for newborn pocket diapers.

4-layer Hemp Cotton Insert

It comes in Off white or yellow colored fabric slightly. It is like  rough to touch.

How many hours it can work?

Upto 4 hours amd it can extend upto 5 to 6 hours for medium wetting babies

. Not suitable for cover diapers, AIO or newborn diapers. I

Organic Cotton Staydry Booster with Snap(for InfiniT AIO):

This is a 4-layer organic cotton insert with a fleece lining on top and a snap to attach it to Infinit AIO. This will work for 3-4 hours with InfiniT AIO. This is  suitable for pocket diapers or diaper covers.

Organic Cotton Staydry Insert with Snap

:. It is super absorbent works 8-12 hours overnight in the InfiniT AIO. Because of this it can be be used with pocket diapers or diaper covers.

Some excellent combo offers of cloth diapers inserts is also available at best price.

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