Cloth Diapers is considered as a safe and economic option by most of the new age parents. Do not for get. It is also safe to the environment.

If you see the web you will be overwhelmed with information about cloth diapers. So we will give only short and precise information on how to use cloth diaper for baby and what are the options available. Greentikki is the official seller of the Indian brand Cloth diaper named Green Diapers. 

So First Let us give a short Introduction of what are the types of reusable diapers we are selling

Cloth Diaper all in one

If you are new to cloth diapering. This is the best choice for you.  The diaper inserts are stitched with the diaper covers. This is very much like disposable diaper. Because all you need to do is take and put it to your baby.

You can find the products here

Aio DIapers

Cloth diaper for new born baby

You can find the products here

Well suitable of new born babies. Can be used until baby is one year old. It comes as pocket diaper with cotton bamoo Inset

New born diapersYou can find this here


Cloth diaper Inserts

These are the inserts you will use along with trhe re usable baby diaper. Some popular inserts are bamboo inserts, hemp inset, micro fibre insert.

To know more about the inserts check this video

Different Inserts Tyoes

Here is a quick guide for washing your diapers

How to wash Cloth Diapers

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