From House Wife to Woman Entrepreneur


Until I started to write this post, I didn’t know I will write a blog someday. Everybody have their stories to tell then what difference I am going to make. I am Kalaimathi and I am the founder of the start-up Greentikki. It’s an online kid’s store where you can find the entire kids product at affordable prices.  The reason behind our company foundation doesn’t have any big story of my dreams or passion. I simply started with this just because I don’t want to put my occupation as house Wife in my Son’s school application form.

First time I discussed about it with my Husband was when I was 6 months pregnant with my Son. Slowly we started to build our ideas. We had to do a lot of ground work as the project was to be developed from scratch. I started learning many things which gradually increased by interest towards it. I read a lot of books and articles some inspired me, some opened my vision to new things, some made me cautious in each step I took. In another post I will share step wise guide to start up an online business. It’s not that much difficult, as I was able to do it all alone managing my toddler and not so easy as everyone thinks. I had to study a lot about how to develop a website, what products to sell, how to get the products, import and export rules for each country, taxation regulations, customer relations, marketing, presentation and more.

With the help of my Husband I launched my website on 19.12.2017. All the things I learned to develop Greentikki, from every congratulation message I received when I launched my site inspired me to do something more. I wanted to take the next step. I believe in the quote said by someone  “If you are happy by doing something without any guilt or fear then go ahead with that because that is the right thing for you”, it just happened to me. I feel I’m on the right track. So Greentikki was planned to start without any great reason but now every single step is filled with passion and determination. Now my vision is to make Greentikki a one stop destination of all kids product, everything at affordable cost. Every child deserves to get the best.

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