Diwali Themed Activity Sheets for Kids

We all, no matter what our age may be, are eagerly awaiting Diwali – the season of lights. To add to the fun of the festive season, we, at Greentikki, took a small little initiative. That initiative started with a set of fun coloring activity sheets for kids, which is both fun and informative.

In continuation of that, we joyfully shared with you, the stories about Diwali. The stories of Ram and Sita, and about Vamanan and also about Krishna and Narakasura! Why we celebrate the festival and how it all started.

And now, we would like to share with you a set of activity sheets for kids, that is purely on the fun side. These worksheets are apt for kids from ages 2 to 5. With the lock down, still not allowing your kids to get into the mood of Diwali we hope that these worksheets will be a good start. Here is the set of fun-filled activity sheets to keep your kids engaged and create a Diwali feel in your family. 



To download our colorful activity sheets click the link below


  Diwali themed activity sheets for kids

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