First Steps of Greentikki

The first step  in realizing our dream has been accomplished by launching Greentikki an online store for kids apparels and accessories on 19.12.2017. Greentikki was planned 2 years back. The project was from scratch so we had to do a lot of ground work from website building to product import, marketing strategy and many more. What we thought easy was actually not that much easy, lot of learning was required, every step we took was delayed more than we thought.

The first thing we kept in mind was to design a user friendly website. It should be simple and clear.  Then when we came to products, we thought we have to stand unique from others, so each of our products was individually scanned and selected with care. Best products was selected across the world. The most important thing was to make the products available to our customers at affordable prices. Most of our products are at the price far below than the prices offered in other sites. In fact every child is deserved to be dressed at the best. One more thing what we planned was, it must not stand just as an online store. We are available online at all the time so the customers can discuss with us about the product quality, features and size. We want to be stay connected with our clients and give them the feel of purchasing an item from next door friend. We also have an option for our customers to  negotiate the price with us, this doesn’t mean we have put outrageous prices and reduce it on bargain. You can compare with any other kids online shopping site in India and see how are prices are below than all other sites. Negotiate price is mainly for the customers who buy in bulk and we accept the offer if it is reasonable. We are into this for the first time and have took every step carefully to deliver our best. We would be happy to welcome your feedback and reviews to develop better. This is just our first step, we need all your support and wishes to climb up the ladder.

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