9 Simple and Fun Indoor Party Games for Kids

The moment we start to plan our kids birthday party, we all will start with, Cake, food, Venue and decoration. The aspect of fun like indoor party games for kids, wouldn’t have even crossed our minds, up until the last minute.

And due to that, the little ones get bored and irritated easily, as they are made to sit idle in one place throughout the party. That should not be the case, right? It is, after all, a fun get together for your kids and their friends!

This “entertainment factor” is the difference between a boring birthday party and a memorable one. So, to help you plan the perfect birthday event for your child, here is a list of some awesome Indoor party games for kids, that even adults would love to take part in!

1. Spin the wheel

This is probably one of the simplest games for kids of all ages. They will enjoy the curiosity while awaiting their turn to spin the wheel. Make the tasks simple and enjoyable like – hugging your parents or singing a birthday song.

spin the wheel - indoor party games for kids

2. Pick your favourite toy

Apt for kids below 2 years of age, as they just have to go and pick up their favourite toy from the stack. Once they do, you can announce if they are going to be future doctors or engineers, of course – for fun, based on the toy they pick.

pick your fav toy indoor party game

3. Treasure hunt or Scavenger Hunt

It need not even be the usual way of game. We can bend the rules, based on the age group. For little ones, you can tell them a colour, and ask them to collect things from their parents and relatives in that colour. For a little older group (say 7 to 14 years) you can give them a list of things. And they should find out within the stipulated time frame.

treasure hunt indoor party game

4. Paper boat race

You can place a small filled water tub. And ask the kids to make little paper boats (origami boats). With the help of the straw, they must blow their boats from one end of the tub to the other. Along with the competitive spirit, this is fun way to learn origami too.

paper boat race indoor party game

5. Cup castle

Another competitive game for young children. They will have to build a castle, using paper cups, without falling. The castle having the most number of cups, by the end of the given time (say 1 minute) wins the game!

6. Doughnuts race

Attach a few strings to a rod or a sturdy object and tie up the yummy doughnuts to them. The doughnuts should be at the eye level of kids. Now, they will have to eat those hanging doughnuts with their hands tied to their backs. Kids love messy and yummy things, why not make a game out of it?

doughnut race

7. Pictionary

One of the classic and team party game for all, even for adults. For kids below 3 years, you can give them shapes. And up to 14 years, it can be objects and above that, it can be quotes or movie names!


8. Balloon stomp

Balloon are tied to the ankles of kids. and they will have to save theirs, all the while trying to stomp (burst) the balloon of others. A noisy and a little dangerous game. So make it a point to keep an eye on them at all times.

balloon stomp

9. Memory game

Another classic game that can be played as a team or even as individuals. Pick out some 20 to 30 items and lay it out in front of the kids. They will have to memorize them within a minute or so. And then write it down in the same order without seeing it again. The most identical list will win the game!

memory game

This Indoor party games list includes some of the classics as well as some new and innovative party games for your kids and their friends. You can very well tweak the games and the rules according to your guest list. And don’t forget to treat the winner with small gifts!

Are you planning a DIY party? Do check these cool DIY party decoration ideas too. Enjoy your child upcoming birthday! Cheers:)

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