Weddings are always exciting. Dressing up, meeting old friends, families big get together, the pre-wedding parties, and what not. But that excitement surely does reduce once you have a child. Mine did. I get very stressed when I am trying to pick out the perfect kids dress for wedding functions. It has to look good, and at the same time, it also has to be comfortable. If not, my son will refuse to stay more than 5 minutes in any party wear dress.

The tantrums they throw, not just while getting dressed up, but even during the ceremony. If the suit has more than 2 layers to it – that is it! He wouldn’t even mind ripping them off. Kids … right! I am sure, a lot of you would have had similar experiences. So here are some awesome ideas that will make your kid stand out like a celebrity in a comparatively easier manner!

#1 – Opt of stylish western wear for wedding receptions.

Stylish western wears instead of heavy ones will make them feel comfortable too. 3 piece suits are an equally cool and dashing party wear dress for boy like the 4 piece ones.

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#2 – Or a simple add on

Like a bow tie over a simple shirt and pant combo will make your son dashingly stylish.

#3 – Short fancy dress of baby girl

A beautiful mini skirt and top for baby girl is as flawless as the royal gowns and full length frocks. Due to the short length of the partywear dresses, you don’t have to worry about them tripping and falling too.

#4 – The ethnic kids dress for wedding

Don’t forget, the Traditional look never goes out of style. Classics like lehangas, choli, salwars, and so on in girls Ethnic wear category. And for boys – kurthas, and dhotis has a timeless elegance attached to the attire.

#5 – Colourful party wear dress for kids

Bright and colourful for baby girls is perfect for all wedding seasons.

#6 – Quick Hair-do

Complete your kids wedding look with a Quick hair-do using beautiful clips to make them stand out. It’s not just the kids dress for wedding that makes them shine, but also these cute add ons too.

#7 – Accessories for kids wedding dress

Give them accessories to hold on to – this will not just complete their look, but will also double up as a toy to play with.

When I was preparing for my own sister’s wedding, I was sure, I wouldn’t have a lot of time with him. And someone else, like my mother in law or my sister in law have to dress him up. Knowing him, I decided to pack light. But, that dint stop him from being a showstopper! For the reception we went for a neat Tee shirt and jean with a black blazer (Which he did not wear for a major part of the event) and for the wedding, we took the traditional route – A bright yellow shirt and dhoti. So choose your kids attire wisely!

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