We have come to the last part – part 03 of the simple yet important Moral values for kids – from the words of the great intellect India has ever produced – Chanakya.

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I found these tips to be enlightening. And that it sets the right path to the success of our children in the future. I hope you do too.

11. Cultivate self-discipline

Cultivate self-discipline as a moral value
  • Encourage them to complete their tasks by themselves.

To achieve self-discipline is to make them understand their duties. The much-needed Motivation should come from within your child’s mind, to do their duties without someone pushing them or asking them! And you can be their partner while they set their daily goals. Encourage them instead of scolding them or punishing them. This will one day inspire them to carry out their work by themselves. And one day they will be an inspiration to others!

12. Finding The Pattern

  • Regular routine in itself is a pattern
  • Break down goals into tasks that can be accomplished in 90-minute pockets.

We can go through our morning routine easily – and that is because our mind is already programmed to follow a set of directions. This can also be called a pattern. And likewise, every other job can be planned and patterned. Chanakya divides the day into 16 parts – meaning 90 minutes per part. And that is because a human mind cannot concentrate for more than 90 minutes at a stretch. That is why, even in our kid’s school, there is a break every 90 minutes. So teach your children to plan their tasks and prioritize them in these pockets of 90 minutes.

13. Take up a Hobby

Follow a Hobby
  • Hobbies should be stress free.
  • Encourage your kids to improve their talents in their hobbies too.

A hobby is a must-have activity for all of us. Especially for our kids. That too in this fast-moving life, they seldom get the time to enjoy doing something. So, cultivate the habit of pursuing their interest. It can be drawing, singing, or even gardening. But, it should be an activity that de-stresses them. Their hobby should be their choice. And do encourage them to get better at that activity too.

14. Teach Personal finance as part of Moral Values

Personal finance as a Moral Values for kids
  • Teach them about Earnings and savings.
  • Buy them a small piggybank.

At this age? You ask! Well, why not. It is an integral part of a successful life, isn’t it! teach them the right ways to make money. Tell them the importance of establishing their talents, which will in turn pay them well. And most importantly, teach them to save. Get them a small Piggybank. Make them calculate small household shopping expenses. They should grow knowing the value of the Money!

15. Moral Values & the Moral Dilemma

Moral Values & the Moral Dilemma
  • Equip your children with tools to face moral dilemmas
  • Explain them the importance of discussing their problems with elders.

At a young age, all our life expectations and decisions were quite simple. But as we grew older, most of us must have come across a point in our life that questioned our moral values – a moral dilemma. Shouldn’t we equip our children to handle such situations? Teach them to think through the problem first. And also the importance of discussions. They should not refrain from discussing any problems with elders to find the right solution.

Even though he lived in the times of Kings and Queens, his words and sayings are apt even for our daily lives. All the tips mentioned in the book are simple and easily implementable too. I am glad to have come across this book, Chanakya in daily life, and I am even more glad that I get to share it with you all.

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