We know the importance of being righteous even in the toughest situations. And It is our duty to teach them, the Moral values for kids, is it not? On that thought, here is the second article of the series. Words from the Great Chanakya – A true intellect, who knew just about everything.

In the previous article we saw the simple, yet very important pointers that relied on the moral values for kids. Like the Morning routine, tips about being healthy, and most importantly swadharma! In continuation of that – let’s see the next 5, equally important and easily implementable Moral values for kids!

6. Music as a Moral value for kids

Music as a Moral value for kids
  • Select the kind of music according to the specific needs of the time.

When I came across this chapter, I couldn’t help myself but relate to my afternoon nap time routine with my child. Slow melodious 90’s music will put him to sleep almost immediately. Music does have the power to even teach discipline to children!

But, you have to be extremely careful in choosing the kind of music. Like, in the Mornings, music must be soothing. It should bring you to a calm state of mind to help you plan the day. And once they are fully charged up, listen to fast-paced music to match the pace of their work.

7. Passion for knowledge

Passion for knowledge
  • Encourage practical knowledge.
  • Create a small library or get your child a membership in a nearby library.

Studying should not be done just from the exam point of view alone. Our children should be allowed to gain practical knowledge too. But, sadly that is the not case with our current education system. So, it becomes our duty to encourage them. Allow them to perform small and safe experiments. Create a small library at your home, and have them collect favorite books. Or, get them membership in a nearby library.

8. ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’

  • Planning a job will make the work efficient
  • Break down their goals into small achievable targets.

Teach your children the importance of planning a job before starting it. Breaking down a job into smaller targets and allocating a specific time schedule for each is the key. This will encourage them, as and when they reach each target. Also, let them know that it is ok if they are not able to complete it sometimes. And that the capacity to work differs from person to person.

9. Meditate to improve moral value for kids!

Meditate to improve moral value for kids!
  • Start simple – sit quietly for 15 minutes a day.
  • Meditation will sharpen the mind, improve focus, make one composed, clear and considerate.

Meditation is not just a practice that is done for 15 or 30 minutes a day. but is a state of mind to be “in”. His steps to meditate is quite easy. First, ask your child to sit quietly in one place for fifteen minutes a day and slowly increase the time. You can also practice mediation along with them. Positive affirmations like ‘I am relaxed’, ‘I am calm’, ‘I am quite’ will help one feel calm.

After you are done, try to carry the calmness of your mind, as much as possible. This is not easy. So don’t give up, until both of you succeed!

10. Right food consumed in the right manner!

Right food consumed in the right manner!
  • Understand and know the locally available fresh produce
  • Involve your child in the preparation of family meals.

Teach your child the importance of the role of food, along with medicines, in curing any diseases. Locally available fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains, and spices will have all the nutrients required for us, locals to the area. Involve your kids while preparing the meals. Teach them the importance of each ingredient and cooking technique. They will be more than happy to help and will enjoy the meals, that they had helped to prepare.

These pointers may be very simple and easy to implement- but that sure doesn’t diminish its importance right! And when implemented well into the daily routine of your kids, these tips will help with the betterment of their future. Will allow them to think with clarity, be decisive in their actions, and be calm all the time. Do take your time to read more about it @ Chanakya in daily life!

And do keep following this page for the third part and for more interesting articles, moral values for kids, and tips for fun activities! Happy Parenting 🙂

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