Every kid has his or her own bedtime routine. Even we used to have our own … Some of us used to say a prayer, some of us would sit and chat with our grandparents, some listen to music, others listen to bedtime stories for kids … These routines were followed by our loving parents. Mainly to put us to sleep quickly and without putting in a lot of effort …

And I am sure most of us, too, follow a similar ritual. I know I do… wink wink 😉 I follow 2 distinct bedtime routines for my child. One is, when I am extremely tired, I simply play soothing melodious songs in the background (thanks to google mini) and sing along with it. The other is storytelling. Since I am not exactly great at that, I would mostly stick to my first routine. Whereas, a friend of mine, Kalaimathi, also the founder of, is great at entertaining her kids every day with brand new bedtime stories for kids. Like …

Kids Bedtime story no. 1- Unity is strength…

In a beautiful green forest, lived a lot of small and big animals. There was the daddy monkey, the mommy monkey, and little baby monkey. Then daddy giraffe, mommy giraffe, and baby giraffe. Daddy elephant, mommy elephant, and big baby elephant, and so on… All the baby animals played together happily every day. Then one day, when all the little baby animals were playing near the blue-colored river. They heard an unfamiliar noise, the baby monkey quickly climbed up a tree to see. He saw a huge truck with a lot of people in green dresses. The monkey got down and told the others that the people are bringing big knives and axe. Also, they are building a bridge to come into the forest. All the baby animals got very scared. Immediately, they went and told the elders. Now, everyone was thinking “what to do”.

The baby animals got together late at the night and went back to the river. They saw the bridge was already built. And the tools were kept on the riverside. But, they could not see anyone there and they quickly thought of the plan together. The big baby elephant took the big axe and the other baby animals took the small knife. They cut the rope of the bridge and hid all the tools. The next day morning, the hid behind a huge tree to see what is going to happen. The people were shocked to see the bridge was gone and did not know what to do. So, they took their huge truck back. And all the small and big animals rejoiced and lived happily ever after!

Kids Bedtime story no. 1- Unity is strength

Short story no. 2 – Listen to Elders…

In a beautiful city, there was a busy road. And on that busy road, there was a huge house. In that huge house, lived papa and mama with their cute little boy Dave and his pet cat Tom! Dave and Tom were very close, like brothers. One day, papa took Dave and Tom to a bakery. There, both of them ordered a black forest cake. The cake was very tasty. From the moment they returned back home, Tom could not stop thinking about the cake.

So, he went to Dave and asked – “Dave, when can we go and eat the cake again?”. To that, Dave said, Tommy, tomorrow I have school. So after that, we will ask mama and papa to take us there.” Hearing this, Tom got sad thinking that he will not get to eat the cake till the day after tomorrow.

The next day, when Dave was at school, and mama and papa went out to work. Tom could not resist. So he went out to the cake shop, all by himself. He bought the cake and ate it happily.

On the way home, he saw a rat on the road. Tom, thought about catching the rat before going home and so he followed the rat. The rat ran fast and he sneaked away. As soon as the rat vanished, tom realized that he got lost. He searched and searched to find his way home, but he could not. He then saw a police officer and told him the address of his home. The kind officer took Tom back to his home. Dave was waiting for tom and they both hugged each other. Dave told Tom to never leave home alone and to always listen to Dave, Tom’s elder brother!

Short story no. 2 - Listen to Elders...
Boy with cat cartoon design, Mascot pet animal domestic cute life nature and fauna theme Vector illustration

Bedtime stories for kids no. 3 – When there is a will, there is a way!

Once upon a time, in a small village, lived 5 close friends. Tina, Lisa, Coco, Jimmy and Joe. Jimmy’s birthday was nearing. So to surprise him, the other four friends go together. They wanted to give him a memorable gift. Tina came up with an idea to bake a yummy cake for Jimmy. And all the other friends agreed. Since they did not know to bake a cake, they took the cookbook of Coco’s mom.  Each of the friends brought one ingredient. Tina brought flour, Coco brought eggs, Lisa brought the sugar and Joe brought the butter.

They put all the ingredients together and successfully baked the cake. Once, the cake was ready, they packed the cake. Placed it on a trolley and pulled it through the door. But, unfortunately, the cake fell down and became messy. All four friends felt sad. But, suddenly, Lisa got an idea. She told everyone that they can repair the cake and make it into small cupcakes. With new energy, all the friends worked on the cake and made cute little cupcakes. They took the cupcakes to jimmy’s house. Jimmy was surprised to see his friends and their gift.

All of them enjoyed the little cupcakes and Jimmy’s birthday!

Kid's story no. 3 - When there is a will, there is a way!

I hope that you and your kids will enjoy these fun bedtime stories for kids. And these stories will add a lot of drama to their bedtime routine. And do follow this page for more fun activities for you and for your kids!

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