Are you a 90’s kid? If yes, then this fun quiz will invoke a lot of awesome childhood Diwali memories for you. Starting from the sweets, the food, the oil-bath early in the morning, the First-day First show experiences, and of course – the firecrackers!

I remember nagging my parents for Crackers at least a month earlier and finishing the crackers well before Diwali. Thereby going out for the second round of shopping!

So, if you really are a 90’s kid, then you should definitely attempt this fun quiz. Let’s see how much you score! All the Best 🙂


Congratulations! You are indeed a 90’s Kid. And you have had an amazing childhood! Have a safe and wonderful Diwali 🙂
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Well tried! You might be a decade Older or younger, but, you sure are not a 90’s Kid! Have a safe and wonderful Diwali 🙂

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#1. Guess this super hit Diwali release

#2. Which of these is not a Diwali Tradition?

#3. Name this, very busy street in T.Nagar, Chennai, during Diwali!

#4. Best of Thala & Thalapathi Diwali Clashes - Bhagavati vs. Villan - was released in which year?

#5. Do you remember this traditional breakfast dish served on Diwali mornings?

#6. Which one of the following Actor Vikram Movies is not a Diwali Release

#7. This Diwali commercial is from which shop?

#8. Can you guess this unique Firecracker?

#9. Which of these Thalaivar Movies is a Diwali Release?

#10. Which one of the following is the Hydrogen Bomb?


We, at wish you and your family a happy and a safe Diwali 🙂

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