In the recent past, all of us would have felt a new trend or a new wave in the field of education. And once the lockdown period started, that wave reached its peak. Personally, I have come across at least one ad or 1 piece of article every single day, about Coding for kids! And this particular trend is just the proof of digital world taking the center stage.

Coding is basically a set of instruction that your computer should follow! Every software or app, that we use, is based on this “Code”. We and our kids, are exposed to a lot of the product on a daily basis, like youtube or video games or just any other software that we use.

Which made me question myself, can children survive their future, without coding skills? Well, before we jump to a conclusion, I did some research on why and when a child should be exposed to the digital platform!

Let’s start with some reasons, as to why coding is good for kids?

  1. It helps them build their problem solving capacity. The whole point of writing a code is to create a program that solves your problem. Kids will get an opportunity to be create innovative solutions for complex problems.
  2. It allows them to develop their reasoning skills! And they will start analyzing the concept of cause and effect & the way the world works.
  3. And most of all, it provides them with a career path. That too, not just as an employee, they can opt to become entrepreneurs by developing apps and software of their own!

It is said that, a child becomes ready to face the challenges of the digital world, once he/she reaches the age of 7. Now, that we have seen the benefits of teaching coding to kids, let us explore the real need of it!

coding for kids

Can they survive their future without coding skills?

In my opinion, I would definitely say yes, they can. Because,

  1. We don’t know how long the coding culture is going to last. Like a few years back, extremely complex codes written, for even the basic functioning of the computer. Now, that has changed, and it is quite simplified. So, how much knowledge about current coding techniques is going to help them in their future?
  2. Problem solving skills and reasoning skills can be imparted in more than one way. Playing as group itself, will teach them all of this, and more. In addition, people communication skills, team work, etc., will develop well when they are mingle with others.
  3. Young age is the time to explore all their interests. They should be exposed to this world of opportunities, before they get their heads into coding! Only then, will they be able to figure out, what suits them best.

Like swimming, or drawing, coding is yet another skill. To teach your kid to code or not, is completely up to you. But please do take an all informed decision.

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