We generally, give a lot of importance to the first birthday of our kid and we do celebrate it in a very special way. After that, the celebrations tend to become simple, with just a few friends and a cake at home. What if, I say, that even these simple celebrations can be amped-up with the addition of some easy and awesome birthday decoration ideas at home? Yes, with the help of some craft paper, colors, balloons, and lights, you can create a perfect setting for your little one’s special day, every year!

Here are some simple birthday decoration ideas that you can try. Involve your kids while making them too. They will be more than happy to help you. And in addition to them getting their perfect birthday celebrations, their crafts skills will improve.

1. Make the most of the balloons

Balloons in ceiling

The bright colors of the balloons will always add to the fun. You can go for a simple arch or stick these balloons on the ceiling with contrasting colored strings!

2. DIY Birthday Decoration Banners

DIY banners

A simple cutout of letters from colorful craft paper is all that you need to establish the environment for the perfect birthday party.

3.  A stroll down memory lane

Do you have paper clips or cloth hanging clips lying around? Use them to hang your child’s photos from his birth until now. Your kid will feel proud of his growth!

Photo and light decoration

4. Make the Birthday even Brighter

Add multicolored serial light settings to make the event more fun!

5. Personalized cake topper

cake topper birthday decoration at home

Print out fun characters and stick them to an icecream stick. Make your own personalized cake topper in no time!

6. Paper Lanterns

Lanterns add a bit of charm to any setting. That too, if your kids help you to make one, nothing can stop them from loving it!

7. Birthday decoration Tassels

Here are some simple tips to create Paper tassels garlands. it will create the perfect backdrop for your unique birthday celebration.

8. Candle Dressing

birthday candle decoration

A few glitters will make your candle shine.

9. Incorporate a Theme

boss baby theme birthday decorations at home

Making the DIY birthday into a theme birthday party is actually easier than you think. Figure out what theme you want to use and make your decorations based on it. like for example, Boss baby themed party decorations will be restricted to Blue, white and black colors only. A banner made of tie-shaped black chart and a themed cake will complete the look.

When we look back at our childhood, most of would have spent counting months and days and sometimes even minutes that leads up to our special day – the birthday. I don’t think that has changed much, through the generations. As I can see, kids today too, do the same.

Try these simple Birthday decoration ideas at home. And let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Do check out our latest dress collection @ for your little one’s next birthday!

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