Do You know you spend an average of 50,000 Rs on diapers for your child?  

Yes it will be quite shocking if you see the numbers and you approximately throw 4380 diapers in dust bin 

For calculation let’s say you are diapering your kid for 2 years (many parents including me do for more years).  If you use 6 diapers day then you use 180 diapers a month, 2190 a year and 4380 diapers for 2 years. Also think these diapers are non bi degradable and you pollute the earth with so many diapers. You can also think about the hazardous chemicals used in disposable diapers which is harmful for your kid and our environment which we will cover in the upcoming post. 

So for 4380 diapers. Say each diaper cost 12 Rs each 

4380X12 = 52,560 RS 

On the other hand, if you switch to cloth diapers, let’s see how much yo are going to save 

Average cloth diaper cost is 500. If you have 10 diaper stashes (More than enough to wash and dry and use)  

500X10 = 5000RS 

And you can save 47560 Rs if you switch to cloth diapers 

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