Parents are literally fooled in the overpriced kids market. Kids market is a delicate place where quality gets the first place. Every parent believes if the price is high the product is of good quality. Ha Ha seems to be true but really not.  Sellers go merry-go ride on this and have set outrageous set prices.  Whether its western outfit or traditional Indian outfit you cannot find a party wear dress below 1000 Rs. When Greentikki entered this kids market this was our first aim. To provide kids dresses at reasonable price. Actually reasonable price will be a wrong word and original price will be the correct word. So we decided to keep a lowest price challenge. We want to give the dresses to the customers at lowest price across any online seller in India.

There are many challenges for online sellers. Huge import tax, transportation fee, inventory risk, marketing and so on  in-spite of all this Greentikki stands out among all the online sellers with the best price in the market.  All exclusive collections across the world are bought to the Indian kids and the price is set around Rs. 500 which becomes affordable to all people. In fact every child deserve the best.  And other important point to note is Greentikki provides free shipping to customers.

Today hopscotch is one of the leading online website for kids dress and one of the most of the most trusted and reliable online store.  No doubt in that, they have a wide variety of eye delighting kids dress which compels everyone to click on buy now button. If you think the price is ok for you please check on the Greentikki prices. There is a huge difference in Greentikki Price and other online kids dress store. We also provide friendly shopping experience where you can contact our staffs any time in whatsapp and a reliable service. We also have easy exchange option. Today Greentikki might not have wide variety of collections but we our slowly ramping up our collections and soon we will come up with wide range kids dresses for all occasion at the price that cannot be given by any seller in India. We work towards the goal of getting all latest trends in international brands at its original price and also Indian made unique customized designs at reasonable price.

So Greentikki comes with lowest price challenge. If you find any dress at the price(price of the dress+shipping cost + taxes) less than Greentikki final price. Just whatsapp the screenshot to +918825739743 or post in our face book group and get the dress for free and we will set the price lower for other customers.



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