Checklist for newborn 

Are you expecting your baby soon? Then here is a quick check list presented to you by Greentikki.  

In Indian homes we are not allowed to buy many things before the baby is born. But there are some essential things which has to be kept ready before the baby is born. Believe me or not first few days after the delivery is really tough and if you want to buy certain things for your baby by yourself then best time to shop one or two months before your due date. Certain things can be bought few days after the baby is born probably when you leave the hospital take your baby home. Of course, you can’t go out for shopping at that time also, maybe you can give this checklist to your husband or order online. 

There are many things to buy for newborn baby but do not waste your money by buying all that you see or like.  This is a quick checklist of what is really necessary for your baby. This list is specially drafted for Indian mothers. You might think does Indian mothers follow a different newborn checklist? My answer would be yes because baby monitor is will pop up first if you see the checklist of western country moms but we still don’t leave babies in baby monitor and sleep in another room.  

Things to be bought before baby is born.  

  • Receiving towel  
  •  2-3 soft baby blanket 
  • Baby dress. Preferably cotton with front button 
  • Baby napkin or cloth nappy (10-20).  
  • Baby mouth cloth or wash cloth (5-6 pieces) 
  • 5 – 6 old soft cotton sarees or dhotis to carry baby 
  • Socks (5 pairs) 
  • Mittens (5 pairs) 
  •  Newborn baby diapers 
  • Carry bed 

Things to buy before taking your baby home 

  • New born baby diapers 
  • Crib.  
  • Baby bed 
  • Nursing pillow 
  • Baby Tooth brush 
  • Body wash and shampoo 
  • Bath towel 
  • Moisturizes (coconut oil works best) 
  • Diaper rash cream  
  • Nail scissor  
  • Hand wash and hand sanitizer 
  • Dettol to wash baby clothes 
  • Small baby bibs.  
  • Baby feeding bottles and breast pump (optional) 

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