In my last post I shared my experience of how I became an entrepreneur. This post is fully about a mother of an 18 month old cute and energetic boy. I have read and heard from lot of mothers how special was the moment when they saw their baby for the first time. They told me, it was a life changing moment, all the pain was relieved looking at the tiny face. Even every one of you have heard all these no doubt its true. It is the happiest moment is many people’s life.

I was waiting for that moment to happen to me. I was waiting to hold my little one in my hand/. July 4th was my delivery due date. No Pain so doctor asked to wait, so I had to wait for another two days to see my little one. My wait was finally over on July 6th but what I felt was something different.  The moment I saw my son for the first time I didn’t feel the world of happiness before me neither my pain was not relieved. In fact I felt more depressed and the pain of my C-Section Delivery was putting me on the back foot. Even asked my husband how I don’t feel anything special like that mother thing that I heard from everyone. Don’t conclude by now I am heartless person or I don’t love my son. Like all mothers he is the world to me but my mother’s love was not love at first time. My love took time to sprout out. It was actually there but it took time for me to realise. I started realising it when he calmed down by my touch and smell, how he smiles in eager looking at me. When he searches for me the moment I disappear from his sight. I could get up in the nights before he cries in hunger. Many other things made me realize the bonding between us.

It was a sweet 18 months journey but not very sweet all the time. There were many nightmares like post deliver stress, baby’s first vaccination, baby’s sick time, teething etc. In the coming post I will share my experience as a mother in my journey. It’s just my experience, what I did might not be suitable for you because each baby is different and the view of parenting differs with each individual. I will share simple things like what food I gave to my baby, how I accomplished breastfeeding one of challenging thing in motherhood, what Home remedies I did when my baby had cold, what type clothes I chose for my baby If you feel it’s useful you can keep this mind or just ignore it.

First time Mothers have a lot of confusion in everything right from selecting which baby brand’s to use, how to breastfeed, is the baby gaining enough weight? What solid food to introduce and how and many more. I also had all these confusion as a first time mommies and had different advice from everyone, my mother says something, grandma says something, next door aunty says something and my mother in law says something opposite to all that. I will share what I did at those tough times and what helped me and what didn’t help and what had to be avoided for sure. But whatever I say or others says, follow your inner instincts and do what you feel is right for your baby. I am sharing all these believing some of my experience might be helpful to some other mommies.

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